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A cold hand wipes the snow away
The palette for the creeping dawn is limited to greys
The scene a cold and misty day
Is this Antarctica?

Two lovers stand in silhouette
His hand upon her shoulder in a gesture of regret
He pleads for time, she shakes her head
Is this Antarctica

She used to love me, with no resistance
Her kiss was soft and warm
But now her hearts' as cold as ice
I don't know what went wrong

Melting dreams with stark ideals
Words of condemnation with no thought of how we feel
Freezing time, that we might heal
Is this Antarctica?

I used to love her with pure conviction
My faith perhaps naïve
But now I know that loves' as frail
As snowflakes on the breeze

Two lovers share their final kiss
The footprints in the snow divorce, and vanish in the mist
And the world goes through a temporal shift
Is this Antarctica?

She used to love me?
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
A juxtaposition of the harsh cold reality of Antarctica, with the barren feelings of a dying relationship.
Lyric Credits: Chris Orchard
Music Credits: Chris Orchard
Producer Credits: Chris Orchard Shane O Farrell
Publisher Credits: none
Performance Credits: Chris Orchard Shane O Farrell
Label Credits: none
Song Length: 3:48
Primary Genre: Jazz-Smooth Jazz
Secondary Genre: Pop-Standards
Tempo / Feel: Very Slow (Under 70)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Breaking Up
Subject Matter 2: Sadness
Mood 1: Poignant
Mood 2: Gloomy
Similar Artist 1: Sting
Similar Artist 2: Norah Jones
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later