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Straight From The Heart
Straight from the Heart (copyright Chris Orchard 2012)

Storm is past, new day shines
She walks alone, kids to find
She hurts so much it weighs her down
She calls their names to no reply
She echoes in the empty sky

Do we still stand together in desperate times?
Shoulder to shoulder on life's battle lines
When disaster and rage steal our families away
Are we ready to fight to keep monsters at bay?
Nothing can keep us apart
When we reach out straight from the heart!

The house has gone, walls crashed down
All around, possessions blown
We're not defined by what we own
She finds a family photograph
The one that made the children laugh
(Repeat Chorus)

bridge: All alone, nowhere to go
Lost beside the home she knew
Before the winds came through

When all is lost, something's found
She kneels to pray, on hallowed ground
We find our strength in darkest times
One day she'll learn to live again, but only love will ease the pain


Love one another as yourself
The more you give the more you get
No one can walk this world alone
We're not defined by what we own

Short Song Description:
The story of a young mother trawling through the wreckage of her home after a natural disaster. Finding hope in the debris and looking to the future. She will need our help. Are we willing to give it in the age of selfishness?
Story Behind the Song:
Do we still empathise with others when they face heartbreaking tragedy. Do we realise that we are all the same and our differences are merely cosmetic?
Lyric Credits: Chris Orchard
Music Credits: Chris Orchard
Producer Credits: Shane O Farrell
Performance Credits: Chris Orchard
Song Length: 4:39
Primary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Tempo / Feel: Other
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
Subject Matter 1: Disasters
Subject Matter 2: Determination
Mood 1: Poignant
Mood 2: Gracious
Similar Artist 1: Bryan Adams
Similar Artist 2: Elvis Costello
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later