Chris Orchard
Lucky The Dog
Lucky the Dog
On the street where you live, there's a man and his dog
And he's holding a cardboard sign
"Please help if you can so Lucky and me
Can get through another night"
It's cold when the winter wind cuts through, we're keeping each other warm
When your broke and alone and don't have a home
A dog can mean a lot.

For the dog doesn't judge how his master arrived
On this street with his broken dreams
In payment of love he's a millionaire
And they always share their meals
Put a coin in the cup and the dog will howl, Lucky is singing for you
Though the ironies lost save for a passing few
That this dog is all he's got
And a dog can mean a lot.

I'd see them at night, as I used to play
At a café near where they'd sleep
Secure in the shadows of the chapel steps
They'd try to find some peace
I know he would listen to the songs I sang, With his eyes cast down to the floor
so I never could tell if he approved
But the dog would bark for more
And a dog can mean a lot
When a dog is all you've got!
Lyrics Credits: Christopher Orchard
Music Credits: Christopher Orchard
Producer Credits: Christopher Orchard
Publisher Credits: none
Performance Credits: Christopher Orchard
Label Credits: none
Short Song Description:
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
A homeless man begging with the assistance of his dog.
Song Length: 2:39
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-Contemporary
Subject Matter 1: Dogs
Subject Matter 2: Economics
Mood 1: Affable
Mood 2: Poignant
Similar Artist 1: Paul Simon
Similar Artist 2: Sting
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later